Experiential Weekend

This powerful program is about healing wounds and opening hearts to love again, or to love more deeply. It’s about empowering wholeness. And accessing joy.

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Facebook Community

Connect Anytime. Anywhere. This highly confidential and supportive environment is for women who have completed A Woman Who Loves and wish to continue their journey of growth and healing.

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Coaching Groups

This is a supportive, online, weekly coaching group especially for women who have experienced betrayal and or loss in their relationships.

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You Are Not Alone

If it’s any comfort (and it is, for most women), know that you are not alone. There are hundreds of women are walking this road too.

Some are finding great success and relief, with their challenge ultimately (and surprisingly!) bringing the couple closer together than ever before. Other wives ride a years-long roller coaster of emotions, reacting to their husbands’ every success and fall. Still other women find that at some point they have to move on, with him or without him.

So few people in the world can really understand what you’re going through. We can.


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