A Woman Who Loves represents a supportive, compassionate, interfaith community of women who together are bravely facing some of life’s toughest challenges. Many of us are working through hurt, betrayal, fear, anger, and grief related to issues with the men in our lives – especially around their adulterous affairs, abuse or secret same-sex attractions.

A Woman Who Loves is also a community of women who simply want to better understand ourselves and the men we love. Or who want to strengthen ourselves and our relationships.

Or who want to open our hearts to loving again.

Also, “A Woman Who Loves: Healing Loss, Empowering Wholeness” is the name of our experiential-healing and personal-growth retreat. It was originally called “A Wife’s Healing Journey.”

Our community grew out of support for wives of men who experience varying degrees of same-sex attraction (SSA). Our first retreat program in 2009 was initially designed as a complement to the renowned Journey Into Manhood program for men who are conflicted over unwanted or incongruous same-sex attractions but who generally don’t want to live a gay life. (About a third of the men who attend Journey Into Manhood are married to women and want to keep their marriages intact.)

But over the years, we found that this work is just as healing and empowering for women who dealing with issues not directly related to their husbands or their marriages or to the SSA issue.

Ultimately, our community – and our signature retreat program -- is for women who are committed to their own personal growth — and who are ready to experience breakthrough emotional shifts and insights, regardless of some of the choices the men or others in their lives may have made.