Where Do You Turn For Support?

Below are the programs and support currently offered by Brothers on a Road Less Traveled.

This experiential weekend intensive, formerly called “A Wife’s Healing Journey,” is an experiential-healing and personal-growth retreat is designed primarily for women who are working through hurt, betrayal, fear, anger, and grief related to issues with the men in their lives.

A Woman Who Loves is also intended for women who simply want to better understand themselves and the men they love. Or who want to strengthen themselves and their relationships. Or women who want to open their hearts to loving again.

This weekend is for women who are committed to their own personal growth — and who are ready to experience breakthrough emotional shifts and insights, regardless of some of the choices that their husbands or others in their lives may have made.

This is a supportive, online, weekly coaching group especially for women whose husbands struggle with sex addictions, same-sex attractions (SSA), or men who have otherwise been unfaithful to their marriage vows. It is co-led by Rich Wyler, founder of Brothers on a Road Less Traveled, and Tanya Bennion. The cost is US$75 for 4 sessions a month, renewable monthly.

For more information, contact:

Tanya Bennion, tanyabennion@gmail.com, 1-301-351-6550 (U.S. Mountain time zone)

Rich Wyler, richwyler@brothersroad.org,  1-434-227-9346 (US Eastern time zone).