A Woman Who Loves: Healing Loss, Opening Hearts is our experiential-healing and personal-growth retreat primarily for women who are working through hurt, betrayal, fear, anger, and grief related to issues with the men in their lives.

A Woman Who Loves is also intended for women who simply want to better understand themselves and the men they love — or women who want to open their hearts to loving again.

The program is led primarily by married couples whose marriages have survived (and even thrived!) after a husband's affair...or his porn or sex addiction...or his struggles with same-sex attractions...or other difficult issues.

These couples have been there -- and made it through to the other side: to a stronger marriage and healthier lives, individually and as couples.

At A Woman Who Loves, you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Be surrounded by women who really "get" you, because they are on a very similar journey themselves.
  • Discover how to recognize your own core emotions (anger, fear, sadness and joy) and what they can teach you.
  • Feel the freedom to honor and release your fear and anger in healthy ways.
  • Experience the freedom to work through your own personal grief, to release your shame, and to set healthy boundaries.
  • Discover how to stay strong in spite of what life may send you.
  • And much more.

This weekend is for women who are committed to their own personal growth -- and who are ready to experience breakthrough emotional shifts and insights, regardless of some of the choices the men or others in their lives may have made.

This powerful program, created in 2009, is healing and empowering for women. This empowering work is not just about healing wounds. It's also about opening hearts to love again, or to love more deeply. It's about empowering wholeness. And accessing joy.

What to Expect

A Woman Who Loves is a self-discovery and inner-healing weekend. The staff-volunteers co-create a safe structure for you to explore your own work and your own journey, wherever that may lead.

The program begins on Friday afternoon and continues until Sunday afternoon -- a total of about 20 program hours of experiential processes, teachings, break-out groups, sharing, journaling and meditation. It's residential, meaning all participants and staff-volunteers stay onsite at the retreat center for the full weekend experience. They sleep in temperature-controlled group rooms and eat together in a dining hall. Six healthy meals are served -- from dinner Friday through lunch Sunday.

(See our Q&A for more.)

About the Co-Creators

The program was co-created by Mary Jane Morgan, a wife of a man who formerly struggled with SSA, and Rich Wyler, a man from an SSA past who is the founder of Brothers on a Road Less Traveled.

About the Staff-Volunteers

A Woman Who Loves is led and facilitated by non-professional peer mentors who have relevant life experience and skills. They are women and men whose marriages have survived and even (ultimately) thrived as the husband addressed the root causes of his issues, the wife confronted her own anger, fear, betrayal, sadness or shame, and the couple, together, worked towards a more rewarding and intimate relationship as husband and wife.

The leaders and volunteers are not professional counselors or therapists (or if they do happen to work in that professional capacity in their regular everyday lives, they are not serving as counselors or therapists during the retreat). There are usually about 10 to 15 staff-volunteers — mostly married couples (although some volunteers staff the event without their spouse present).

About the Participants

Past participants have ranged in age from 23 to their 60s. Some have been married for decades already; others, for just a few months. Others were single. Some attended at a time when they were separated, divorced or even engaged.

Many participants attend at a crisis point in their marriages, when they are preparing to make life-changing decisions. Others are generally happy in their marriages, and are really attending more for their own personal-growth and also to be better equipped to understand and support their husbands.

The number of participants has ranged from as few as seven to as many as 25, depending on the event.

Fees and Locations

Since 2009, we've held retreats in Texas, California, Utah, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

The regular registration fee is $590, which covers the full program (about 20 hours), two nights' stay at the retreat center, six meals, and a post-weekend, follow-up teleconference session to further integrate your experience.

There is a $100 early-registration discount if you pay in full at least 6 weeks before the event.